For Mental Health Practitioners 

We host webinars and speakers from all over providing CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, and Social Workers as approved by the State of Texas. Many states accept CEUs from out-of-state as long as they meet specific criteria.


I attempt to meet as many criteria for out-of-state (TX) mental health practitioners that I can. With that being said, I encourage you to look at your state's board policies on out-of-state CEUs. If there are specific criteria that they need to meet to be accepted please reach out to me and check if I meet this requirement and/or can implement it. 

tOBC Recipe 

What's the recipe? Simple. tOBC offers both live and pre-recorded webinars to best fit the needs of a busy professional.

Every recorded webinar is a recording of the live event. This allows you to experience the presenter interacting with participants and answering questions you may have. 

The best part? Whether you purchase a webinar to participate live or purchase it already recorded, you get 6 months of access to the video and any supplemental material that the presenter used and uploaded.

What does tOBC do? We believe in transparency from the start. tOBC host the recorded webinars on this website and uses our Zoom account for the live events. There is never an up-front cost from tOBC for a presenter. We take 30% of all proceeds whether it be live or recorded. This is to assist with hosting costs. We will also do marketing for all webinars and personalize each CEU certificate and send them personally to each participant for as long as we host the webinar. 

Our goal is to create exposure and a source of passive income for the presenters, and tOBC, while providing rich and needed culturally responsive and social justice-minded content. 

Upcoming Live Webinars


Understanding Diet Culture and the Impact on Marginalized Groups with Dr. Ebony

Date: Wednesday, June 3rd

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Central Time

1.5 CEUs


Diet culture is a system of beliefs and standards that praises and rewards thin bodies, while also attaching one’s worth to their body size. The beliefs and standards are everywhere and interwoven throughout many facets of our lives. We can’t move in and out of seasons or change years without being reminded of diet culture’s presence, and pressures. While operating under the guise of health and wellness, diet culture is anything but healthy and well. In fact, it’s downright oppressive. This webinar will address ways in which diet culture oppresses marginalized groups and why it’s important to be aware of how this might show up in our work with ourselves and our clients.

Objectives for CEUs:

​At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Evaluate ways in which diet culture impacts their work

  2. Advocate for healthier behaviors that empower themselves and clients


Includes CEUs and access to recorded webinar


DISCLAIMER: All live webinars are recorded and used as asynchronous CEU opportunities. Your purchase of this webinar indicates your understanding and premission to use your image and interactions from this live webinar experience in the recorded version. 

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Teens & Developmental Disabilities

3 CEUs (asynchronous)


Julie Burke, LPC explores the world of working with teens who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities--particularly Autism Spectrum Disorders. Participants will gain a better understanding of working with adolescents with differing abilities through this experiential training becoming better equipped to work with this population.


  1. At the conclusion, participants will gain insight on developmental and intellectual disabilities, particularly DSM criteria/impairments and comorbid disorders

  2. Understand social and emotional struggles teens experience and effective interventions to support them 

  3. Be provided with counseling strategies to support family members of individuals with developmental disabilities



The Art of Erotica with Mrs. Adam Maurer and Ryan Dillon

1.5 CEUs


Technology today offers us a chance to share our sexuality with others in countless ways. Dating and hookup apps, social media, and good old fashion sexts; to name a few. This workshop will focus on how to have fun while you utilize pictures, audio, video, as well as words to create erotic content your partner/s will be begging for. Safety and consent are key concepts we will cover, and from there we will explore tips to have fun while taking your ability to craft engaging erotica to a whole new level of art..

Objectives for CEUs:

  1. At the conclusion, participants will gain insight on how technology can enhance sexual and intimate connection in relationships

  2. Develop tools to discuss boundary setting and consent with clients who utilize technology to enhance their sexual and intimate experiences. 



Includes CEUs and access to recorded webinar

After the completion of a live webinar please allow seven to fourteen days for it to be available online. Those who attended the live event or purchased and are waiting for the webinar to be posted, you will receive a notification email the moment it is ready. 

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The Open Book Chat is not a mental health tool and should not be treated as a replacement for mental health services. Please seek treatment from a licensed mental health provider in your area. 

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