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You deserve to feel the badass power inside of yourself because it's there waiting for you to discover and embrace. As a proud genderfluid queer person my passion is helping other members of the queer and sex-positive communities find their inner power and embrace it. 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor from the State of Texas. This enables me to only see residents from Texas, USA at this time. As a psychotherapist, I specialize in working with gender, sexual orientation, and sex therapy. I work with client's 18 and up, individuals, and relationships. 

All therapy services are done online, in video chat, through a HIPAA compliant platform. 

Being ​queer and sex-positive can be a struggle in our culture. Exploring who you are, discovering that identity, and displaying it to the world are all revolutionary acts. You deserve to embrace your identity and feel the confidence within.

I've assisted relationships of all kinds, individuals, parents, organizations, and corporations on their path to inner and outer acceptance and embracement of these communities. 

You're Already a Badass!

Let's embrace it!

Some Topics/People I've Worked With:

Queer Communities

  • Gender Identity Exploration and Discovery 

  • Sexual Orientation Development 

  • Sexual Health 

  • Sexual Awakening 


  • Anxiety: All Types

  • Self-Exploration

  • Kink

  • Safety 

Relationship (Non-Monogamous, Monogamous, etc)

  • Expanding/Opening Relationships

  • Long-Term Goal Setting 

  • Communication Issues 

  • Intimacy/Romance/Sex Introspection & Growth

College Students & Recent Graduates 

  • Identity Exploration 

  • Goal Development

  • Application Creation (Cover Letters, Essay's, CV's) 

  • Next-Step Anxieties 


  • Positive Discipline 

  • Sex Education for Parents

  • Child or Parent Coming Out 

  • Communication

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