You're never too early in your career to start learning about opening your own business. Student or provisionally licensed, it's always a great time to learn, gather, and plan for your future, kick-ass, business.

I know many new professionals don't have a lot of money, I remember those days, and accessing paid resources had to be carefully considered because it's a large investment. That's the reason I created this package.


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The Newbie

New & Kick-Ass

How It Works

Split the cost with up to four friends, the more who sign up the cheaper the cost!

Two 60-minute educational sessions for up to four people. All participants must be students or provisionally licensed therapists.  

1. Find up to four people interested in starting their own private practice

2. Schedule a free discovery call with yours truly 

3. Schedule and pay for the package. It's important that you select a day and time that works best for your entire group since you will be meeting with me as a group.

Want more sessions or to add more people to share the cost? 

Contact me! We can certainly make it happen!


2 People

$150 per person, per session

$300 total per person

3 People

$100 per person, per session

$200 total per person

4 People

$75 per person, per session

$150 total per person


Here's what we'll be discussing



The personality of your business, your brand is the most important tool in your arsenal.


Launch Planning

How do you launch a business? Choosing a name, DBA, bank account, and more!


Marketing Plan

How do I stand out? How do I get my business seen online? There's so much more to marketing than social media. 


Websites & SEO

What needs to be included and how do I translate visitors into clients? A website is your business's home base. Make it good.