Who I See

Queer Communities

You deserve a place to feel safe and comfortable and I am dedicated to providing this space for you. By being non-judgmental and empathetic I strive to provide you a sense of support and comfort.

In counseling, I encourage freedom of expression. You deserve to be as happy and comfortable with yourself and I hope to provide this environment for you throughout our counseling relationship together.

Being ​queer and sex-positive can be a struggle in our culture. Exploring who you are, discovering that identity, and displaying it to the world are all revolutionary acts. You deserve to embrace your identity and feel the confidence within.

Some topics/people I've worked with:


  • Gender Identity Exploration & Development

  • Transitioning Exploration, Design, & Implementation

  • Intersex Community

  • Coming Out


  • Sexual Orientation Exploration & Development

  • Coming Out ​

  • Asexual/Aromantic Identity

Relationships (Non-Monogamous, Monogamous, etc)

  • Expanding & Opening

  • Long-Term Goal Setting

  • Communication Issues

  • Intimacy/Romance/Sex

  • Family Therapy


  • Sexual Health

  • Anxiety: All Types

  • Kink

  • Sexual Awakening

So Much More!

  • Religious Trauma & Conflict

  • Aging

  • Body Image

  • Work-Related Issues & Stress

  • Adoption & Fostering

Sex & Relationships (ALL Structures!)

Relationships are as unique as the people in them. There isn't a "one size fits all" mold for relationships and I believe the same is said for relationship therapy. I strive to provide an environment of safety and support so that everyone feels heard, understood, and accepted.

I see relationships of all designs! Open, monogamous, poly, swingers, and many more! You deserve therapy where you can be your authentic self.

Topics I specialize in:

  • Sex Therapy

  • Partners in Transitions

  • Communication issues

  • Opening/Expanding Relationships

  • Kinks/Fetishes

  • Parenting

  • Jealous

  • New Partner Stress

  • Death/Grief

  • Fostering and Adoption

  • Parenting Stress

  • Pre-Marital Counseling

  • Trust Building

  • Unsupportive Families


Individual Sessions - $175

Relationship Session - $200

I do not accept any insurance at this time.