Sex Education

Inclusive, Comprehensive, & Medically Accurate 

Sex education is a basic human right. That's a value I have always worked by. No matter a person's background, they should have access to not only inclusive, comprehensive, and medically accurate sex education but also affordable, shame-free, and fun sex education. This is what I strive for as a sex educator. 

Sex Ed on Your Terms!

Sex Ed is not just for children. As humans, we are sexual beings from the womb to the tomb and we are constantly changing. This means that we should also be constantly learning about ourselves. Sex education is a lifetime process, one that adults should lean into and be open to discovering. 

Sex education doesn't have to be limited to a classroom. I've met with adults in coffee shops, adult stores, for a walk in the park, online, and many more places to grow and discover this topic. Being comfortable is vital to being open to learning, and unlearning, information about sex.

You tell me what you need. Do you have a specific topic that you want more information on? Do you want to begin from the ground up? I am available for full classes, meaning up to 40 hours of basic sex education content. Or shorter consultations on specific topics. It's entirely up to you! 

Sex Education for Adults

  • Individual (1:1)

  • Friend Groups

  • Parenting Groups

  • Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA's)

  • Organizational Training

  • Teacher Training 

  • Consultations for Schools, Therapists, Businesses, Parents

  • Mental Health Training (Yes, I'm a CEU provider!) 


This is just an example of some forms of sex education I have provided for adults. I am open to providing education and training in many different settings and groups. Have an idea or want to request services? Schedule a free information call!

Classes for Middle School and High School Students


I have taught sex education to middle and high school students with a non-profit based in Austin, Texas called UN|HUSHED since 2015. During this time I have taught over 100 students in over 500 hours of class time. Teaching this age group is a passion of mine because many of us as adults did not receive adequate sex education. I am honored to be a part of the change in the upcoming generations. 

I only teach middle and high school students in-person and through UN|HUSHED. This gives me access to their extended curriculum, which I assisted in developing, that is updated annually. If you are interested in setting up a class for middle or high school students the general guideline is a minimum of 10 students and a max of 15 in one class. 

For more information visit the UN|HUSHED website by clicking the logo below. 

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