Technology today offers us a chance to share our sexuality with others in countless ways. Dating and hookup apps, social media, and good old fashion sexts; to name a few. This workshop will focus on how to have fun while you utilize pictures, audio, video, as well as words to create erotic content your partner/s will be begging for. Safety and consent are key concepts we will cover, and from there we will explore tips to have fun while taking your ability to craft engaging erotica to a whole new level of art.


Objectives for CEUs:

1. At the conclusion, participants will gain insight on how technology can enhance sexual and intimate connection in relationships

2. Develop tools to discuss boundary setting and consent with clients who utilize technology to enhance their sexual and intimate experiences. 


Speaker's Bio:

Mrs, Adam Maruer, LMFT, LPC is a straight-friendly therapist in private practice located in Austin, Texas. Adam prides herself on being a slayer of shame and defender of pleasure. When not changing the world as a therapist Mrs. Maurer works on many projects including a podcast, Me & My Gorgeous Husband, done with his husband, MaSean. 


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Speaker's Bio:

Ryan Dillon, LPC is a genderfluid therapist serving the residents of Texas through their online private practice specializing in gender, sexuality, and sexual health. When Ryan isn't practicing therapy they teach sex education and host webinars through their business, The Open Book Chat.  


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The Art of Erotica with Mrs Adam Maurer and Ryan Dillon

  • 1.5 asynchronous CEUs provided upon completion of the webinar, evaluation, and quiz. 

    If you are unsure about your state's policy on accepting out-of-state CEUs please contact your licensing borard and/or visit their website for more information. 

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