Goals, Objectives, & Tactics: Going Beyond the New Year's Resolutions

am not a fan of the concept of New Year's Resolutions. The reason being is they tend to be empty gestures with no plan of follow through and they are often used by the health and fitness industry, and others, to make people feel bad about themselves.

This isn't to say that I don't love when people want to make changes in their life. Of course, I do!

However, if there is going to be any chance of follow-through and success, there needs to be a plan. This brings me to goals, objectives, and tactics.

Many people use the terms goals and objectives interchangeably, even though they are not the same thing. Let's dive into each individually!


A goal is a starting point. You can't begin to do either objectives or tactics without a goal. So, simply defined, a goal is an outcome you intend to achieve. BOOM! Yes, the definition is that simple. Just think of something you want to achieve. Being as specific and clear as possible makes things easier.

Remember, it's simple. What do you want to achieve?


Now, objectives are the things that begin to push your goal forward, these do need to be very clear and a goal will have a small to a large handful of objectives for every one goal. An objective is a measurable step to help you achieve a goal. Which means they are more specific and action-oriented.

For example!

Say your goal is to save $1,200 in 6 months. An objective of this goal is to save an additional $200 a month. You can measure how close you are to achieving your goal of saving $1,200 by meeting your objective of saving each month.

Now! How do you achieve the objective??


Tactics are the actual actions you take in achieving the objectives for your goal.

Let's continue with the example from before. You have a solid goal, save $1,200 in 6 months, a solid objective to save an additional $200 a month. In reality, you would have multiple objectives to achieve this goal but I'm simplifying the process for example sake.

Now, how do you actually save $200 a month? Do you take out $50 from every paycheck, if you're paid weekly, or $100 every other week? Are you putting this in a savings account or cashing it and putting it in an envelope? How are you reminding yourself to save each month? How are you keeping yourself to saving each month? What's happens if you don't/can't save $200 on any given month?

Thinking of scenarios like these will allow you to move forward with your goal but it will also assist you in already having a back-up plan if something does happen.

Goal Setting is Strategy

Of course, it is! You are literally mapping out a strategy to achieve something you want! Congratulations! You are now a strategist.

Goal setting does not have to be overly complicated but it is more than just saying you want to do something.

If you really want to achieve a goal, then take some time to think and create a strategy to achieve it.

Thank you for reading!


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