The Revamp Package

General Services

General Service

Branding Spurce-Up

A brand is the personality of your business. It's what makes you and your business stand out from all the others. Your brand includes everything that is consumed about your business.


Logo, website, messaging (voice), social media, colors, symbols, photographs, blogs, you, and so much more, all make up your brand. This is why it's so important that your brand is 1) authentic and 2) cohesive. It needs to be a reflection of you and fit together.   

As a therapist, my specialty was identity develop and as a business & marketing consultant it's the same, just with brand development. I'll help you create a brand that feels authentic to you.

General Service

Marketing Plan

You're ready to start marketing and to put your branding to work! What avenues are you wanting to take?

1. Content Marketing - webpages, blogging, podcast, webinars, videos, white papers, ebooks, and more!

2. Social Media Marketing - It's important to select platforms that work best for you and your audience. 

3. Paid Media Marketing - Interested in creating ads on search engines or social media? The most common method of this is  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  

4. Email Marketing - Some people say outdated but email marketing is still one of the most successful forms of marketing. Interested in a newsletter?

5. Storytelling -Brand storytelling is the most important marketing tool. Storytelling is what makes a person feel connected to your brand.

General Service

General Consultation

This is a great place to start if you're in the brainstorming phase or not sure what service or package would work best for you. During this session, we will process what you have going on in your mind and decide what your next steps are, even if they aren't with me!

Premium Services

Premium Service

Website Design or Touch-Up

Want a website but don't want to make it yourself? Then this service is for you. I can design a simple to use website on Wix, a user-friendly platform that has a mix of simple to very expressive website layouts. 


The initial design includes up to 5 pages (see below) and the layout is completely up to you!


Education Requirement: This service requires a one-hour sit-down, included in the price, so I can show you how to make quick edits to the website. You may not want to build the website but I fully believe you should know how to edit it without relying on someone else.

Pages Included: Homepage, about me, contact, and up to two service pages. Additional pages are available at additional cost.

Disclaimer: I will not write content for your website. It's important that your website sounds like you. I will advise you on content and format your content to assure brand cohesion.

Premium Service

SEO Services

Getting your website and online presence noticed can be difficult and learning the tools for SEO even more so. I can help optimize your website AND teach you tips on how to be best friends with Google.

This service timeline and cost is highly dependent on each individual case. If you're interested in this service please reach out so that we can discuss your needs to determine what is best for you. 

Premium Service

Services on Retainer

Do you know you want marketing services but don't want to handle everything yourself? Then this service is for you.

We can discuss how many hours a month you would like to retain my services for and the investment cost.

Services on retainer cover all the services listed here and more.