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Marketing can be difficult, especially for helping professionals like therapists, psychologists, massage and body professionals, sex educators, etc, because traditional marketing information isn't targeted to these fields and the size of businesses. 


I specialize in working with helping professionals who are in need of marketing assistance such as brand development, growth, and management, social growth including social media, websites, and professional profiles, cultural growth and awareness, and client outreach. 

I also specialize and have a passion for working with queer-owned and operated businesses from any industry. I also believe Black Life Matters, and I constantly trying to use my privilege to help end white supremacy. Let me help you grow your business while keeping a style of queerness! 

Your Business is a Reflection of You!

It's already amazing!

3 Packages To Best Fit Your Needs

The Starter

Is this your first time in private practice and you're trying to get everything prepared? Brand, website, launch, marketing, SEO, I've got you covered!

The Revamp

You're a veteran therapist with a private practice, you just want to spruce up the brand a bit. We don't have to reinvent the wheel, just polish it a bit!

The Newbie

Are you a student? Currently under supervision? Money tight? Sign-up with up to 3 friends and go through the process together while sharing the cost. 

À La Carte Services

Single Consultation

Not sure where to start but want to chat and get some of the ideas or questions off your brain? I've got you covered in this 60-minute session!


Does the idea of building a website give you a migraine? Well, I'm the weirdo who loves AND I'll teach you simple tools to make edits when I'm finished.


A Brand is the identity of your business and it's important that it feels authentic to you. Brand development and growth is my number one passion!

Marketing Plan

How do I get people to know my business exists?! I hear this all of the time and said it myself. Let's create a tailored marketing plan for your business.

Launch Plan

How do I bring my business to life?! DBA, LLC, PLLC, Bank Accounts, Domains, EMR, and SO much more! Take a breath it isn't as scary and hard as it sounds, I promise. Let's make a plan together.


Ummmm, what?!?! Getting your website noticed can be difficult and learning the tools for SEO even more so. I can optimize your website AND teach you tips on how to be best friends with Google.

Paperwork Prep

I am that nerd who loves creating paperwork. I can create a paperwork packet for you OR edit what you have and add your brand and voice to it. Yes, even your paperwork should have personality. 

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