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Marketing can be difficult, especially for helping professionals like therapists, psychologists, massage and body professionals, sex educators, etc, because traditional marketing information isn't targeted to these fields and the size of businesses. 


I specialize in working with helping professionals who are in need of marketing assistance such as brand development, growth, and management, social growth including social media, websites, and professional profiles, cultural growth and awareness, and client outreach. 

I also specialize and have a passion for working with queer-owned and operated businesses from any industry. Let me help you grow your business while keeping a style of queerness! 

Your Business is a Reflection of You!

It's already amazing!

A Bit About Me

If you haven't come across it yet, my name is Ryan Dillon, I am a psychotherapist, sex educator, and marketing coach. I am a student at Northwestern University and in the process of getting my second Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. 

I believe all helping professionals should have the tools and to set up their own brands and business in an easy and accessible way. I have been holding workshops for years to assist helping professionals in developing their brands and create a foundation for their businesses.

This is what led me to enter the IMC program at Northwestern. My goal is to provide top-level marketing coaching for all helping professionals and queer-owned businesses at an affordable cost.

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