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Imagine This...

4 Specially Chosen Books

*These books are used as examples

A Month Long Event

Weekly Live Videos

Resources Galore!

Sounds nice right?

Now let's put it all together.

Book Chats are held every couple of months. At least 30 days before the start of each chat you will see an announcement of the Chat Theme and the four featured books as well as a detailed schedule. 
Each live chat lasts a month. Each week of the month a live video stream and a discussion of the book will take place. During the live stream members will be able to watch, ask questions, and begin a conversation. 
In between each live video stream, you will find discussion questions, food for thought, websites, articles, and additional books within the topic area posted for your perusal. 
When the month is over all participants will retain access to the content, including recordings of the live streams. 

Upcoming Book Chats:

An Introduction to LGBTQ+ topics:

A Workshop for Parents & Caring Adults


Current Chats

Purchase of a chat package required to enter Chat.

Some perks include:

Members Only Content

Only paid members of each chat have access to the content. This includes helpful infographics, videos, and everything that posted!

Ample Discussion on LIVE Chats

If you purchase a Chat Package before the start of a live chat you will be able to ask question and be included in the live video stream of each book  chapter included in the Monthly Chat!

Curated Books & Resouces 

For every Book Chat there will be four hand selected books. With each of these books you will have access  to a live stream video, ask discussion questions, and curated resources for you to use!

Full Time


Even after the LIVE month has completed you will have access to all of the content including recordings of the live streams!

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The Open Book Chat is not a mental health tool and should not be treated as a replacement for mental health services. Please seek treatment from a licensed mental health provider in your area. 

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