Ryan Dillon

tOBC Founder, Licensed Professional Counselor,

& Sex Educator

Hello! My name is Ryan Dillon and tOBC is my brainchild. I am a psychotherapist, sex educator, author, speaker, storyteller, and parent educator.


As a Sex Educator, I teach with a non-profit based in Austin, Texas called UN|HUSHED. I specialize in teaching middle and high school students. I am also a mental health therapist (LPC) licensed in the state of Texas. 

Above everything else, I am a book lover, nerd, and proud geek. I believe that books have the power to make lasting impacts and foster positive changes in people's lives. This is why I incorporate books into just about everything that I do. As a therapist, I use books to help clients make the changes they want.


As an educator, I use books to educate and help parents and caring adults grow and become the best possible support system they can be. This is why I created The Open Book Chat. Check out our upcoming chats for workshops for parents and caring adults. 

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Contact Me: ryan@theopenbookchat.com

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The Open Book Chat is not a mental health tool and should not be treated as a replacement for mental health services. Please seek treatment from a licensed mental health provider in your area. 

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