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Ryan Dillon

Brand Strategist

Hi! I'm a marketing professional and Licensed Professional Counselor who has made a business helping other healers grow their private practice!

Melody Li, LMFT

Texas, USA

Ryan shares their branding and marketing expertise generously to lift up therapists starting or expanding in private practice. Their approach is especially impactful for therapists with marginalized identities (e.g. LGBTQ+, BIPOC) who have long been instructed to hide their authentic selves. I trust Ryan because they simultaneously support business growth, while dismantling systemic barriers that hold therapists back from thriving. They demonstrate courage, leadership, and creativity in the process. 

Melissa McCafferty

Scotland, UK

 I am so grateful that I got to work with Ryan. He really helped me clarify the direction that I want my business to go. I felt so stuck and overwhelmed for months unsure about where to start and after just a couple of sessions I felt so much more confident about what I have to offer and what I need to do to get my business up and running.

Lindsay Camp, LMFT

Texas, USA

Ryan Dillon has been intent on curating inclusive spaces for people to learn and grow together- his new role as a marketing coach is a culmination of his years as a student, teacher, therapist, and successful business owner. He has an innate and impeccable skill set of listening, holding a true desire to understand, ability to ask the right questions to unlock new information, and echo back a more complete picture which was originally just pieces. Ryan brings his whole self into all he does, and encourages others to do the same.

Julie Burke, LPC

Texas, USA

I truly cannot recommend Ryan enough.  We met when I was a provisionally licensed therapist and with his guidance, I was able to hone in on what my work as a clinician is driven by and how to communicate that in an effective (and relatable) way to potential clients.  Ryan continued to support and encourage me (throughout supervision) and helped me gain confidence and feel more competent as I was preparing to launch a private practice.  He is extremely good at what he does, provides support in direct (and non-shaming) ways, and will undoubtedly help you succeed. 

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